PLAJ towels are made with natural fibers, so new towels will shed some loose fibers here and there - totally ok

PLAJ towels are hand loomed, so slight imperfections are considered part of the beauty of these towels

AVOID fabric softeners - using fabric softeners will make the towels water repellent - we dont want this
It is best to wash PLAJ towels with natural detergents - stay away from all of the toxic gunk out there!!

ironing- warm iron
washing - not above 40c, preferably cold wash
dryer - do not tumble dry
bleach - do not use bleach
dry clean - do not dry clean

Run a REGULAR wash cycle
Then run ANOTHER cycle with 1 cup of VINEGAR
(about once every 6 weeks)

It is not recommended to tumble dry - this may cause shrinkage
It is best to LINE DRY


To maximize your PLAJ towels absorbency ADD 1 cup of VINEGAR to the rinse cycle to strip the towel from any excess detergent
Do this once every 6 weeks