Where does the cotton come from?
The cotton is all 100% Turkish cotton, mostly grown in the eastern Mediterranean part of Turkey. Two of the largest cotton growing area are Adana and Hatay.

Is the cotton spun into yarn in Turkey as well?
Yes, all of the big yarn factories are close to the cotton growing regions, including Kahramanmaras and Gaziantep, as well as in Denizli


Are there any harmful chemicals in Plaj Towel Co. products?
No, all of the cotton used is completely natural. If the cotton is dyed a color, it is dyed using AZO Free dyes.

Who makes Plaj Towel Co. Products?
Each style of Plaj Towel Co. products is made by different Turkish families. Some families have ateliers (more than 1 loom machine) and some only have 1 loom in the basement of their house.

How many towels can be made on a loom per day?
If they are operating a hand loom, which is the most traditional method of looming - 1-2 towels per loom per day.

If they have black looms (old looms made between 1940-1955) - 30-40 towels per loom per day.

And automatic looms - 100-150 towels per loom per day.

Every type of loom requires attention to detail during initial set up and all throughout looming.

Making these towels is a talent and a craftsman job passed down from father to son and from family to family. Plaj Towel Co. products are made in over 150 loom workshops, providing equal production opportunity and contributing to the economic development (fair wages) of families operating these looms all over Turkey, all while maintaining the highest standard in quality.